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Chart a course for workgroup and mobile applications with Entellic

Chart a course for workgroup and mobile applications with Entellic

Custom apps from an experienced resource to help you reach your destination

When it comes to workgroup or mobile applications, Entellic® helps people get results. Since 1999 we've been helping organizations experience software success. As a FileMaker® Business Alliance member, we deploy the FileMaker platform to make apps that make workgroups work. Our mobile apps can capture data in the field and our workgroup apps can integrate to and from centralized management systems. Let us help your company benefit from rapidly developed, custom software to make your work more efficient, accurate, and cost effective.

There is a reason software no longer comes in a box

Your organization won't fit into a box. Why should your software?

Packaged software can only go so far in handling or automating processes of an organization…software publishers code for the most common requirements of a given customer base. By contrast, every enterprise is unique…each business has key success indicators requiring a specific focus or process.

94% of surveyed businesses face challenges with existing apps and software

Workplace Innovation Report, First Edition, FileMaker.com

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There is a better way

Entellic can help you automate and integrate custom, networked, multiuser applications that empower workgroup success.

By deploying the FileMaker application platform, your data can be captured by users in the field or entered in the office. If you need data integrated to or from existing systems, there's a very good chance that a custom application can push and pull data in an automated fashion.

Your apps, your way

Imagine running your organization using apps specific to your workflow…on nearly any device from any location. Entellic can help you articulate your workflow and build systems that make sense. Tools to get work done. It just fits.

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Since implementing custom app(s), 93% of respondents have seen a reduction in inefficient tasks.

2018 State of the Custom App Report FileMaker.com

Fast Road

Why wait?

Gone are the days when app development required a large team of analysts, programmers, designers, and database gurus.

Today's application platforms streamline the process of application development. What used to take years now takes months. What used to take months can take days.

With Entellic and the FileMaker platform, there is no waiting for the next release of the canned software. Nothing canned, just "Can do."

So, why wait? Let's put your applications to work. Contact us, today.

Fast Road

57% of businesses had their custom app up and running in under 3 months.

2018 State of the Custom App Report FileMaker.com

Custom apps make your people in safety vests valuable data management contributors and users

Workers in Safety Vests with devices

Your safety vest people represent your workers "in the field"

Your data happens where production happens: out there in the field.

Data is needed in environments that require safety and performance with little or no practical access to workstations.

Where your safety vest workers achieve is where custom apps can be most effective.

Custom apps can be made mobile. Custom apps can integrate only the information required to help your field personnel enter and use data that is meaningful to their work.

Man and Woman in Safety Vests with tablet

People in the field are closest to originating data

The most efficient, accurate data is that which is captured at its closest source. Enter once, use as needed. Your safety vest users can be the most proficient contributors of data.

But, people in safety vests are likely to have important expectations about applications in the field. If your apps meet their expectations, people will view your software as productive tools that help them achieve rather than an imposition or obstacle. They need the right data at the right time to assure good decisions and context.

Supervisor with Tablet with worker wtih scanner

When remote or mobile users have the right apps, you'll get better data and informed results

To empower people in the field, software must enable fast, easy entry…oftentimes automated using scanners. Apps must assure accuracy and be sensible to the user. Workers must view the field app as a tool that communicates results and informs on progress without getting in the way of work.

Ultimately, the right mobile or remote app will help your people provide better data with greater accuracy and productivity.

Let us help you create custom mobile apps that get results

Discover more about how mobile or remote applications can make your production or field personnel can become contributors of mission dependent information.

Workers in Safety Vests with devices

Man and Woman in Safety Vests with tablet

Supervisor with Tablet with worker wtih scanner

Get results, today

Entellic exists to get results by workgroups. As consultants and developers of custom workgroup solutions, we support work teams by rapidly creating and implementing multi-user systems that get work done.

Many custom apps can be ready for use in less than 90 days.

Let us quickly ascertain your requirements to deploy your apps using the FileMaker® platform.

Build from systems like these:

  • Software Quality Assurance Systems
  • Site and Facility Rounds
  • Inventory Control
  • Chemical Inventory/MSDS Lookup
  • Facility/Site Access Control
  • Asset & Resource Management
  • Case Management
  • Personnel Qualification Management
  • Document Control & Records Management
  • Safety Equipment Inspection and Scheduling
  • Many more…

Let's talk

Contact Entellic, today. Find out how your workgroups can achieve real results with custom software solutions.

(509) 529-4201

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