The precision of a custom app unleashes the power of your endeavor

The precision of a custom app unleashes the power of your endeavor

It takes the right combination of resources to succeed

Think of a custom app as a resource to achieve a mission. A patrol boat succeeds where a destroyer cannot. A fighter provides the precision that a bomber cannot. It's like that with today's software applications. While there is a place for enterprise or vertical applications, smaller, targeted apps can, by their very nature, achieve results with greater precision, automation, and efficiency. Targeted apps are more mobile and agile than canned or enterprise-wide software.

Every organization includes small to mid-sized workgroups tasked with unique objectives requiring specific workflows. Today, Entellic®, using the FileMaker® platform, can quickly deliver custom workgroup and remote mobile applications that get work done.

Do your people work for your software or does your software work for them?

There is a transformational change happening in software development. Today's targeted applications provide a way to get work done faster, more accurately, with greater control, and at a lower cost.

Custom apps can make workgroup processes more efficient and capture data at its origination.

Custom apps can automate redundant tasks so your workers can focus on their work rather than data entry. They can validate information before it is pushed into centralized systems to make your data more accurate and trustworthy.

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94% of businesses that relied on packaged software did not find it flexible enough to meet their unique needs.

2018 State of the Custom App Report

Custom apps do what canned apps can't

It's common for an organization to deploy a centralized application that requires access and entry by people spanning many workgroups. It's just as common for workgroups to create workarounds, external processes, and unmanaged spreadsheets to actually use centralized system data.

While canned or centralized systems may be good repositories of information, they simply may not work the way your people work; Instead of enhancing work, they may actually add steps to their workflow. The very efficiencies and controls you hoped to gain from the central app can be quickly lost because people must work around them.

Targeted custom apps bridge centralized data to and from your workgroups while being made to work the way your people need to work. They reduce the time and effort to use and produce data.

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94% of businesses that relied on packaged software did not find it flexible enough to meet their unique needs.

2018 State of the Custom App Report

You know your business better than developers

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76% of repondents enjoyed a return on investment (ROI) from their custom app(s).

2018 State of the Custom App Report

Wouldn't it be nice to have software that works the way you say it should?

What if you could put your expertise into a custom application without hiring an army of designers, developers, and project managers?

Entellic personnel are more than developers, we are problem solvers. We have a history of positive results because we listen to people and ensure that their software achieves what they want. We use an iterative process to assure the final result accomplishes what you set out to do.

All of this is possible using the FileMaker platform. FileMaker software requires less coding and provides simpler implementation without a long development curve.

In fact, most FileMaker apps are developed in fewer than 90 days.

ROI because custom apps work the way you need your people to work

To get a return on investment on your software applications, target your apps to maximize your workgroup results. Contact Entellic to make your apps to work your way.

Supervisor with hard hat smiling (

76% of repondents enjoyed a return on investment (ROI) from their custom app(s).

2018 State of the Custom App Report

Today's custom apps are more effective than ever before. Here's why:

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Custom apps are more targeted to your tasks and users

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  • People need focus to achieve tasks. By its nature, a custom app provides better focus.
  • Your people expect your business software to work as well or better than what they experience at home and on their devices. With modern toolsets and interfaces, custom apps can exceed user expecations.
  • Custom apps can allow your workers to see immediate results. They add context, accountability, and greater value to their work.
  • By targeting specific tasks for smaller groups, custom apps enable greater ownership of a process and its results.
  • The process of building a custom app adds value to your workgroup because it encourages people to articulate and explain processes and controls required to get work done.

By design, custom apps provide more efficiency and accuracy

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  • Capturing data at its origin eliminates logging, information transfer and entry redundancy, reducing opportunities for error.
  • Low-cost barcode or RFID readers can be a part of your custom apps to help reduce manual, error-prone entry.
  • Custom apps can embed rules to protect required entries or to alert users to out-of-range conditions.

Custom apps are simpler to implement on mobile and remote devices

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  • Mobile and remote devices are less expensive, more powerful, and more available than ever. Custom apps strategically take advantage of these devices.
  • Information and transactions originate in the field. Custom apps capture data as close as possible to its source allowing for more immediate usage.
  • Field data can be captured and delivered in real time over wide area or local area networks.
  • Truly remote custom apps can be made to synchronize once communication is in range. Now you can capture data anywhere in the world.

Custom apps are more likely to be successfully implemented and used

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  • Smaller projects are easier to get done in a timely manner and more likely to make it to the end user.
  • When less coding is required, more energy is spent on structure, features, and interfaces to assure successful implementation by users.
  • It's simply faster to create a FileMaker app than a coded app. By the time most people can write requirements, we can build a prototype.
  • The FileMaker platform, operating on your server or on the cloud, provides better configuration, security, delivery, and management of your custom apps.
  • Users can operate FileMaker custom apps using Windows, Mac, and iOs client applications, or through nearly any device's web browser.

Get results, today

Entellic exists to get results by workgroups. As consultants and developers of custom workgroup solutions, we support work teams by rapidly creating and implementing multi-user systems that get work done.

Many custom apps can be ready for use in less than 90 days.

Let us quickly ascertain your requirements to deploy your apps using the FileMaker® platform.

Build from systems like these:

  • Software Quality Assurance Systems
  • Site and Facility Rounds
  • Inventory Control
  • Chemical Inventory/MSDS Lookup
  • Facility/Site Access Control
  • Asset & Resource Management
  • Case Management
  • Personnel Qualification Management
  • Document Control & Records Management
  • Safety Equipment Inspection and Scheduling
  • Many more…

Let's talk

Contact Entellic, today. Find out how your workgroups can achieve real results with custom software solutions.

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