FileMaker apps result in more of those moments where everything just works

FileMaker apps result in more of those moments where everything just works

A proven, sustainable software platform that fits

You know the feeling. Things line up and you're in the zone. It all clicks. You found the sweet spot. However you want to describe it, you know what it means. That's where the FileMaker® platform is at when it comes to workgroup and mobile application development. They call it "The workplace innovation platform" and for good reasons: FileMaker software empowers teams to quickly create apps that capture, automate, and share their work…with mobility, security, creativity, and efficiency…with or without web browsers. Few limits, just possibilities.

Serious demand for mobile and custom apps requires serious toolsets

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People expect their employers to provide apps to get work done

As app stores explode with options and specialized features, workers expect innovation. Due to the fast pace and volatility in the marketplace, they won't wait a year for them.

The old ways of making apps are too slow and can't easily deliver on features and interfaces to match expectations.

The FileMaker platform changed all of that. Entellic® clients enjoy the results of that change.

Leveraging decades of low-code expertise

Based upon three decades of low-code success, FileMaker software includes native toolsets that make mobile and workgroup application development easier, faster, and deployable on nearly any device.

How does FileMaker software do it? By combining the data, business logic, and user interface layers of development into a single environment. Deployment is as simple as loading a single app file onto an on-premise or cloud server or as a self-standing app onto a phone, tablet or desktop.

Once on a server, any FileMaker app can instantly become a database-driven website using WebDirect, the FileMaker platform's built-in web technology.

Meet the demand for apps…Now!

What that means to business is that the demand for apps can be met without a high price tag or development curve. FileMaker software makes it possible to deploy those apps with modern, user-friendly interfaces…without the wait.

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Factors contributing to other organizations' decision to create a custom app(s) using the FileMaker platform:

  • Ease of Use - 84%
  • Flexibility - 81%
  • Affordability - 47%
  • Time Investment - 37%
  • Ability to Integrate - 32%

    2018 State of the Custom App Report

Climing the code uphill

Forget the tedium of coding: Just get things done

More doing, less trying

FileMaker software has taken what once required complex coding and arcane languages and turned them into intuitive development tools.

That's what abstraction means in the software world.

Or, put another way, by using FileMaker software for development, your developers can spend more time just thinking and doing versus coding and trying.

Climbing the code uphill

What does it mean for you?

What that means to you and your organization is that you don't have to pay for a large percentage of coding and configuring. The FileMaker platform already took care of that coding and configuration.

Now, your apps can be produced faster, at a lower cost, and with more features than ever.

That's what a development platform should do…especially a low-code/no-code environment provided by FileMaker software.

The majority of businesses had their custom FileMaker app up and running in less than 90 days

2018 State of the Custom App Report

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Deploy anywhere to any workgroup or user

The FileMaker platform provides more than just a development toolset; It also solves the problem of app deployment. FileMaker software provides of a unified server platform that allows users to access your apps from nearly any device.

With a suite of clients and a robust web delivery technology, FileMaker apps can be feature-rich and provide incredible power and control.

67% of businesses that consider mobility an important part of app delivery say their mobile apps created a more efficient process

Workplace innovation Report

A few strategic advantages of the FileMaker platform

Custom apps provide real results. The FileMaker platform makes those results happen faster and with more effective features. Take a look at a few of the reasons FileMaker software is the most effective development and delivery platform for workgroup and mobile apps

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When the schema, logic, and interface layers are bound within a single file, making changes is easier and faster in FileMaker apps. Simpler changes make the FileMaker platform perfect for Agile development teams.

Powerful Reporting

FileMaker software provides a powerful reporting toolset that allows you to display detailed, summarized, and sub-summarized views of your data. Charting is built in. Scripts can be captured to automate reports. Reports can be scheduled and emailed as PDF or Excel as needed.

Cloud or On-premise

Deploy the FileMaker platform on your own server, on a hosted server, or on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Install up to three FileMaker Servers for your workgroup…great for development teams needing a test environment.

Native Web Technology

Your FileMaker app can operate on Web browsers without additional client software. Supported desktop and mobile browsers include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari.


Forego the expense of enterprise applications environments and the high cost of complex programming. The FileMaker platform is a good value for workgroups and teams.

Powerful Security

Determine conditional permissions down to the field level within each FileMaker app. Include encryption "at rest" within your app files. Use FileMaker Server to deploy SSL encryption to protect "in transit" data.

Made to Integrate

FileMaker apps can integrate with web sites and applications by interacting with REST APIs. The FileMaker platform's own REST API allows access from other applications. You can also Integrate SQL sources into your app, including Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL and more.

Simple Account Management

Incorporate into your apps internal accounts or assign accounts that correspond with Directory Services groups. Or use your OAuth 2.0 identity provider for account authentication. Each app can assign specific privileges to these accounts.

Native iOS client

Using FileMaker Go for iOS, you have instant support for bar code scanning, signature capture, iBeacon devices, and GPS. Use Xcode to convert your FileMaker apps into native iOS apps.

Scalable to Groups

Groups of 5 to 500 are perfect for FileMaker apps. Deploy with an on-premise FileMaker Server. Or deploy on AWS to deliver up to 100 simultaneous user sessions. Dozens of apps can operate from a single server.

Proven, Trusted, and Sustainable

To assure your apps will succeed, you need to know the platform's track record and that it will be around in the future. After decades of performance, FileMaker, Inc., continues to grow its base, keep pace with technologies, and improve its capabilities. Can you think of any other 20-plus-year-old software company that has doubled its user base in the past few years? Count of the FileMaker platform for its proven capabilities based upon years of demonstrated results and a future promising innovation and creativity.

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Discover FileMaker for yourself

Everyone can take FileMaker for a spin. We encourage you to download a trial version of FileMaker Pro Advanced for yourself. Open a few starter templates and samples or discover how to build apps by watching some great video courses.

We'll help you leverage the power of FileMaker for your team.

Give us a shout. Entellic personnel have been developing apps in FileMaker from before version 1. We are driven to not only creating apps that help teams succeed, but also by helping people within your organization become champions in app development, themselves.

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Get results, today

Entellic exists to get results by workgroups. As consultants and developers of custom workgroup solutions, we support work teams by rapidly creating and implementing multi-user systems that get work done.

Many custom apps can be ready for use in less than 90 days.

Let us quickly ascertain your requirements to deploy your apps using the FileMaker® platform.

Build from systems like these:

  • Software Quality Assurance Systems
  • Site and Facility Rounds
  • Inventory Control
  • Chemical Inventory/MSDS Lookup
  • Facility/Site Access Control
  • Asset & Resource Management
  • Case Management
  • Personnel Qualification Management
  • Document Control & Records Management
  • Safety Equipment Inspection and Scheduling
  • Many more…

Let's talk

Contact Entellic, today. Find out how your workgroups can achieve real results with custom software solutions.

(509) 529-4201

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