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Our Approach

Entellic believes that effective results stem from proactive, client-driven communication. We succeed only when client objectives are met. We also realize that many clients may have difficulty in clearly articulating their ideas into actionable form. Therefore, a "high touch" approach helps our clients succeed.


Let's meet. We'll help you determine where technology can automate workflow and where it is actually an obstacle. Entellic knows how to root out what's really required by the entire team while managing the personal expectations of your staff.


Entellic will articulate project requirements back to you and your team. We'll create detailed plans and designs to match those objectives. In many cases, a rapid-development prototype helps clients measure expectations against a tangible model of the solution. Our experienced project managers will partner with your business experts. And, we'll develop and implement software solutions to produce satisfying results.


Using standards-driven software quality assurance tools, Entellic tests and documents each solution. Upon completion, we stand ready to train your workgroups. We'll help you gain acceptance of new, more targeted paradigms. We can monitor the progress of each solution and provide ongoing support. If this is your idea of what workgroup technology should be, contact Entellic today.

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