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Effective work is the direct result of people with clear objectives and standards using the right tools for the right task at the right time.

We help you get there and stay there.

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It's about client success. Period.

What do you need to get done? What needs done better, with greater control or with less effort?

When these questions are answered by Entellic clients, we take them as marching orders. We know we've succeeded only when our clients demonstrate success. Here are a few cases in point:

Client success

DOE Training enrollment made simple and robust

You want it when?

“We won the contract. Now we need a system to manage enrollment and contract invoicing. And, we need it fast”

Those were the words of the contracting officer initiating work on a training enrollment system that would automate invoicing to DOE contractors. Working on a short timeline, Entellic personnel delivered three integrated components within 90 days. Built in FileMaker® and web technologies, the system helped our client succeed for the next 10 years with only one upgrade.

The results

After several years of use, the contracting officer wrote, “On behalf of [our company], I’d like to thank you for outstanding job you did in developing and setting up our automated invoicing system and internet student registration system. Working from a blank page, you were able to take our thoughts, ideas and needs and convert them into a program that exceeds our expectations. We especially appreciate your willingness to listen to our concerns and work to resolve them in the most time and cost efficient manner possible.”

Fortune 50 bank integrates acquisitions

Adapting to expanding requirements

One of the nation's largest banks initially contracted with Entellic to review and make recommendations to enhance security and reduce risks related to its wire transfer system. After successful implementation of those recommendations, the bank expanded Entellic’s scope to lead the integration of funds transfer operations for two bank acquisitions. Again successful, Entellic was tasked to pioneer a project to integrate disparate commercial bank transaction systems and to provide a foundation R&D and evaluation to replace the bank’s national/international funds transfer system.

The results

Two successful bank acquisition/integrations as funds transfer operations merged with the following outcomes:

  • minimal customer impact
  • efficient, cost-reducing technology interface between loan system and wire transfer system
  • significant risk reduction steps introduced in funds transfer operations and system as confirmed by bank auditors
  • evaluation and recommendation of replacement funds transfer options that culminates in a highly successful, trend-setting project for a new wire transfer system fully integrated into multiple mission-critical bank systems and external providers, including the Federal Reserve and SWIFT (international payments).
RadWaste operations integrated and automated

Leveraging technology to maximize work

When Entellic arrived onsite, the waste operations were accomplished with paper forms, a magnetic board to track container movement, and spreadsheets to calculate summed container radioactivity for each controlled area. The process was labor intensive and cumbersome. Processing information was limited to whoever had the right piece of paper at the right time. Reporting was difficult.

Within a year, a workgoup-based waste inventory control system was implemented using FileMaker as a core relational database management system. Barcode scanners were employed to control and capture container processing actions and movements. Background processes in the system pre-evaluated all effects of dose and fissile activity as containers moved from processing areas to staging and storage areas. From originating container characterization through shipping and disposal, waste lineage was made traceable to daughters and granddaughters.

The results

Waste processing and tracking was completely automated, reducing errors and manual entry. The site’s documented safety analysis and technical safety requirements were confidently managed for each container and for each inventory control area. Processing history is now transparent and easily reportable. Prohibited items management and hazardous waste inventory are controlled and itemized. Waste records were integrated. In short, the processing facility is in total control of waste processing information and empowered to make decisions based on indepth knowledge and historical information.

State rehab contractor simplifies case management

A more efficient workflow

How do you manage thousands of vocational rehabilition cases using dozens of case workers throughout the large western state of Washington? And how do you do it with full compliance and with the fewest steps possible? That was the challenge the client presented. They needed to keep constantly updated with the state's acceptable billing codes, case limits, and sensitive personal information. And, the new system must interface between the state’s case management systems and commercial off-the-shelf accounting software.

Entellic crafted a workgroup control system based on FileMaker® and web technologies based on a "case note" model. The new system would import vocational rehabilitation case data from state databases.

As case managers entered case records directly to the new system using a secure website. Based on pre-established task codes and limits for each case note and case, state limits were maintained and managed. Compensation to the client and to its case managers was based on the accuracy and inegrity of case note entry and association. Therefore, case note billing data is synchronized into the organization’s external accounting application, consolidated, then uploaded to the state system for compensation.

The results

The client enjoys a system, accessible from any point in the state, that is managed within flexible, secure control database. Today, a single person administers the entire system while dozens of Case Managers in various locations throughout Washington State manage their cases online.

DOE waste and site records under control

Always audit ready.

Days would pass before waste container records could be collected, categorized, stored, and managed. Meanwhile, managers and stakeholders would require checking in and checking out the paper documents to make important decision about the waste. And, at audit time, days could pass before all related container records could be located from various parts of the processing site.

That was the challenge facing a RadWaste processing site.

Upon contracting with Entellic, a new system was created to incorporate waste, container, and batch processing records into a single toolset tied to document scanners and networked storage.

The results

At the next audit, a process that once took several hours required only 15 minutes from the request to the delivery of printed waste record... including all related daughter container records. Since that first system, the waste processor commissioned Entellic to develop a management system for all documents and records for entire site. By leveraging FileMaker® and Microsoft SQL Server® databases alongside Microsoft SharePoint®, the system automates document initiation and metadata entry to assure efficient, trustworthy storage and retrieval.

Analyzing safety culture with robust survey systems

Pinpointing potential problems

A legal firm, subcontracted to a DOE prime contracor, required a rules-based software system to capture interview responses from hundreds of workers about sensitive safe work environment topics. The interviews would be handled by multiple interviewers in a short time span at various locations in a variety of work conditions.

Entellic created a portable data collection system to enable interviewers to easily navigate a series of questions that, based on responses, would initiate related questions. Each interviewer could rely only on their laptop and not on any access to a network.

Entellic automated the process to allow interviewers to synchronize batches of responses to a centralized server. Upon receipt, the centralized server produced statistical analysis forming the basis to a comprehensive, highly sensitive report.

The results

A system that cost less than half of that of a previous contractor’s failed attempt. The client would drill down survey results by division, department, and supervisor and by respondent groups. The results displayed in numeric and graphical formats. The system continues to be used (customized for different contractors) each year for the past seven years.


Since our inception, we've helped Fortune 50 companies, governmental contractors, small businesses, and educational enterprises achieve great success.We thrive on problem-solving and workgroup efficiency. Our clients continue to call us when a new workgroup project comes along because they've enjoyed the result of their past projects.

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